Empower-Network-Alan-CosensAbout Alan Cosens – I began in network marketing in 1997 and I began completely clueless and I failed miserably in my first outing with Nutrition 4 Life International.  It was in May of 1998 when I first connected up with an experienced mentor in this industry, from whom I was able to learn the fundamentals of what creates success in the game of network marketing, and I first began to experience success with recruiting.

From May of 1998 to approximately November of the same year I primarily did in-home product demonstrations and though I did sell a lot of product it was not until November of 1998 that I finally began to make headway with recruiting and began to transition my business over from a product-sales-based model to a recruiting-based model.

By December of 1998 I was doing full-time recruiting and my income finally began to climb.  It was in that month that I made a trip to New York City for a short stint  to work with another mentor within our organization and to assist him to in running a full-time recruiting office.  During this time I began to see the power of applying certain fundamentals to my recruiting strategies and I really began to see the results improve.

We developed an offline recruiting process that was so effective, to this day I have yet to see anyone in this industry achieve similar recruiting numbers… not that they would need to in order to make great money.

In June of 1999 I had returned to New York, from Nashville, TN, and was working about 75 hours per week between recruiting, training my teams, and handling all the business administration.   From June to December of that year is when my income really boosted up to a whole new level.  I really learned the value of “traffic” and I had my process down so tightly that it was almost unheard of to have a day where I didn’t sponsor 50% of the people I presented to.  This was all group presentations by the way.  And in New York, there are so many people that the size of the prospect group was essentially limited by the size of the room I was putting them in.

This was recruiting “en masse”.   I brought in literally thousands and thousands of people personally over several years using this model.  Money was not an issue, though I have had companies that just stopped making their product/went out of business and I have had to start all over again a few times.

The model I was using was simply “killin’ it”.

There was one problem though and that was the fact that there wasn’t really any way to get myself free within this model.  Yes, I had big downlines.  Yes, I made good money.  But I had to be there doing it or my income suffered.

There had to be a better way.  And there is.

In this free lesson video I cover with you the transition from offline to online network marketing, I cover the basics of the offline process I used, and how I transitioned that into online only network marketing:

… so anyway the transition from offline to online wasn’t exactly easy, mainly due to technical barriers, which is why I put together my comprehensive Web Mastery For Network Marketers course… because I wasted hundreds of hours trying to sort out all the data to find out which pieces of information were the important ones that were going to get me where I wanted to be.  So I put together my training courses so that you don’t have to spend those hundreds of hours because I have distilled out for you which pieces of information are the important ones.

I now strive to provide better training and help resources for my teams than anyone else out there.  Over time I have created easy-to-follow video tutorials on many different aspects of internet network marketing.   I have observed that most of the reason for “no results”, aside from the person just being a “lazy a**” or a “quitter”… is a lack of understanding of fundamentals.   Thus my lessons have the fundamentals heavily integrated into them.

I have also put together a wonderful team training and resources site, which is a private-access membership site specifically reserved for my downline members.  This is intended to provide not only the fundamental skills necessary, but the technical aspects of using the internet to promote your home business (Empower Network business), along with many free bonuses, tools and reference to some of the best internet marketing training resources in teh world.

I have been doing well in this industry for a very long time.  It is not the only thing I do.  The reason I love network marketing, aside from the fact that I can make 6-figures in less than 20 hours per week now, is that it give regular people who want to make a change for themselves a chance.  It does not require a heavy investment or heavy commitments of time to build a business like Empower Network.  And it gives me a chance to provide help to those who have the ambition to get themselves free from debt, or the slavery of a “job”, etc.

When I’m working THAT is what I’m doing… I’m providing help.  About 10% of my time is spent promoting.  The other 90% I am literally answering emails and phone calls providing help for people.  This is the dynamic when you have large downlines.

My intention is to be as accessible as possible, to provide the most help possible so that someone like you, someone who has an honest ambition to make a real change in their life can have the guidance that they need to do so.

My approach, as you can see from the video above is an absolute “No Bullsh**” approach.  Make no mistake.  I could make more money bullsh**ing people.  And there are people who do make more money doing so.  But it’s not necessary.   And one of the most fundamental things I could teach you about growing a business like this is that you should just be you.  There is no need for some contrived, phony, “sales-person” beingness.

While I am not generally one to make a big deal out of income claims and “bragging”, you can find in the Recent Posts on this site some updates that I’ve done as I’ve made my way into Empower Network as a home business.  I give you just enough so that you can see what is real.

I’ve managed to put about 90 people into my Empower Network business in the first 35 days or so, making no phone calls, and without having to “sell” or “convince” anyone of anything.   At this pace I’d be looking at an annual sponsorship rate of about 900+ people this year.   Well, that would be good, but anything could happen, and frankly I do have other businesses that I do well with.   I recently had my first $2000.00 day with Empower Network (just my Empower Network income) by simply applying the same principles that I teach you in my lessons.

So that is “work” (doesn’t really seem like work to me).

On a personal side, I participate with activities with my church 3 days each week and I have 3-day weekends which I dedicate to my 4-yr-old daughter, Isabella.  So I don’t take calls Wed, Thurs, Sat… unless there is something very critical that needs to be handled.  I do answer emails on those days, morning and night, so that my people can always get questions answered.

Most people struggle and struggle to just cover their expenses and their entire life revolves around their job…the time they wake in the morning, the time they spend in traffic, their planning of parenting time and fun time…everything.  I have been able to position myself so that my work schedule is determined by my personal life and the things that I really want to do in life.

You can do this.  I can help you.  But I cannot do it for you.  You are the cause.  I can advise.   I can teach.  I can provide you with resources.  But you are the light and the energy that will make it happen for yourself and your family.

If you are still reading this I can only assume that it is because you have a strong interest in Empower Network and are perhaps trying to decide who to join as a sponsor.

Unlike most people who would prefer to “sell” you rather than shoot you straight, I cannot promise you that I am the best sponsor for you.  I could be that I am.  It’s possible that I’m not.  It’s not a cookie-cutter.  Your personality and skills and so forth might be the perfect match with mine.  You may find that I am really the one that you need to unlock the door for you.  There is no such thing as “the best” sponsor in this industry.  It’s about finding one that is right for YOU.  That’s all.

My suggestion would be for you to subscribe for my free lessons using the contact form at the top, right of this page.  I will email you a variety of lessons on different subjects, directly from me.   In going through them you will be able to know whether we could work well together.  You will have a chance to know what I’m about and who I really am.

You deserve the chance to do that.  Picking the right business for you can be hard enough.  You should have to be “stressing” about whether you picked the right leader 6 months down the road.   Take the time to go through my material and you will know for sure before you decide.  Reasonable?

I want you to do well.  Not just for ethical reasons, but  with Empower Network, the better you do, the more money I make… to a much greater degree than you would find in any other similar company, or in an MLM or something like that.

I have found that sometimes people worry that they are “bothering me” with questions, because they know that I am busy.  It is never a bother for me when it is  a person who is genuinely interested in getting ahead, and is willing to take responsibility for being the cause of it.  But I don’t have much of an interest in working with folks who want me to do everything for them.   Business is business.  It’s not a charity program.  Empower Network is a business.  It requires work.  It requires promotion, etc.

My value would be in my 14 years of working this industry and in my ability to simplify things for you.

Subscribe using the form at the top and let’s get started with building our relationship.

Talk soon.


Alan Cosens