How To Activate Your Empower Network Account

Part 1- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

Here we see how to log in and we look at the difference between “Easy Mode” and the Standard WordPress Dashboard.

Part 2- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

Here we look at the Dashboard, how it’s laid out and we begin going through the left-side tabs of the Dashboard to get familiar with what each tab does. We start with the “Posts” tabs in this video.

Part 3- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

Continuing with the left-side tabs of the Dashboard we move on to “Media Library”, “Pages” and the purpose of the “Menu” in the “Appearance” tab.  The Menu is necessary to be able to add a link to your newly published page to the navigation bar at the top of your Empower Network blog.

Part 4- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

Now we get into customizing the Appearance of your Empower Network blog, how to change the background color, the header, the Home Photo (if you wish to replace the shirt-less pic of Dave Wood with your owns shirt-less pic.  lol).

Part 5- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

Here you’ll see how to add your own image to the Author box which appears at the end of each post.  This is a bit tricky because it has little to do with the Admin area of your blog.  You’ll need to create a free account at and be sure that the email you use to do so matches the email you used for the Administrator email of your Empower Network blog (this will be the same as the one you used to sign up for Empower Network by default).

Part 6- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

Here we cover how to Add Users and why you may want to do that, and go through the details of how to add a New Post and optimize it, edit text, add images, embed video, etc.

Part 7- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

This is the 2nd part of the lesson on how to Add New Post and optimize it for SEO purposes using the handy little tool that Empower Network gives us in our post editing area.

Part 8- How To Use Your Empower Network Blog

In this one I cover just a tiny bit about keyword research for the purpose of creating and using Categories for new posts.  This will make it easier to get your content found by the search engines and will be more effective for getting and keeping your posts indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  It is recommended that once you decide what phrase you would like your posts to be found for, you find relevant phrases using the Google Keyword Tool and select a few of them for Category names on your blog.  Then as you add new posts using relevant phrases, you can assign each post to one of those categories.  This will give you a sort of “authority category network” within your blog and will be more effective that just trying to rank a single blog post in the search results.  For a much more detailed explanation of the whole blogging process, as far as getting traffic you can visit my other site for a full blogging for traffic overview here.

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