Empower Network E-Wallet And Affiliate Fee

Recently those new members joining Empower Network have been seeing an notification that they must agree to the Empower Network “Affiliate Agreement”.

Empower Network Affiliate Agreement

You can view the official Affiliate Agreement here.

In reading the thing you will see that it notes that there is a $19.95 per month “affiliate fee” or something like that (I can’t actually see it because I have an older account and it is only popping on the new member accounts.

What is this fee for?

Essentially this is for use of the new Empower Network eWallet which will be put in place very soon (at the time of writing this post).  This eWallet will allow you to withdraw your Empower Network affiliate commissions you have earned from the sale of any Empower Network products by simply logging in a setting up a withdrawal in a manner similar to what you would do if you were taking money out of your PayPal account.

Empower Network eWallet And Affiliate Fee Explained:

This is wonderful news for the Empower Network community!

Empower Network eWalletNo more merchant accounts required.

No more PayPal required.

No more Alertpay required.

And this will allow all of you who are located outside the USA to get paid rapidly.  See overseas members previously didn’t have many options for merchant account providers for Empower Network and so were relegated to using PayPal or Alertpay.  While these services work they are not optimum, especially PayPal which has policy against network and affiliate marketing transactions.  Plus these 2 processors are far more expensive to use than having a merchant account would be.

Well the eWallet will be cheaper than all of them.

Future Of Empower Network

The barriers are rapidly falling away for Empower Network and this new ingredient is really going to open the flood-gates for expansion of Empower Network world-wide.  After all, we’ve brought in about 18,000 new members in just over 3 months and that was in the face of merchant account processor issues and a major server crash.  I expect that we have a couple thousand international Empower Network members who have just been hanging out waiting for this new payment solution because they recognize that the thing which makes Empower Network special and strong is something that you just are not going to find anywhere else.


Alan Cosens

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